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Men & Women

Feeling tired, fatigued, or weak?  Looking older than you are?  Having hard time staying focused?  Decreased muscle and increased fat?  Depressed?  Irritable?  Disturbed sleep?  Water retention? 

Night sweats?  Decreased libido?

We can help you feel better, look better and perform at your optimal levels

via Telemedicine.


Convenient, Private, Doctor Prescribed therapy from the comfort of your own home.

About us 

We are Medically Supervised Anti-Aging Specialists focusing on Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Loss for Men & Women.

There is no need for you to drive or wait in line.  We are a Telehealth Service meeting 99% of our patients virtually.


Our Medical Director will meet you via Zoom, and provide a detailed wellness assessment. Once your consultation is finalized, you will learn about the current state of your health, important markers in your bio-chemistry, discuss your individual symptoms, and ask questions with one of our Wellness Coaches.  Our Wellness Coaches work closely with you to help structure a plan based on medical recommendations that best fit your lifestyle.  

While we can provide short term results, our goal is to help you sustain those results by offering Daily Text Communication and Hourly Live Calls.    

Opening Hours

We are in development stage, planning to Open Fall 2023.

For $20 off your first purchase, please send your contact information to:

Thank you!

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